“The Tao Of Pooh” By Benjamin Hoff

I’m so cranky right now I can’t even stand myself.  Life went from this:

IMG_4022  toes in the sand

to this:

Leaf On Carthe audacity of falling leaves.

I know, I know. This happens every year where I live.  Yeah, I know it’s natural and good.  Each season has its gifts.

Sweater weather.  Low humidity.  Candy corn.  (gift! gift! gift!)

Every year, though, I get older and watch my teen  grow up and slightly more away.  My dear mom needs more help. My knees ache and my shoulder is weird.

People I know die.

Thank goodness I’ve been learning for a while what life’s true gifts are. Lots of books walk me through acceptance of life’s passages (AKA “going with the flow”) and appreciation of its gifts. One of them is The Tao Of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.

Get it here, if you wish:I’d LOVE to get your comments!

2 thoughts on ““The Tao Of Pooh” By Benjamin Hoff

  1. I have this one on my bookshelf collecting dust from years ago reading…you have inspired me to dust it off and take a new look! As Carly Simon sings…”take another picture…” which I like to address about life when it is bringing me down. Just take the time to look at whatever it is from another angle. Aha! 🙂 XO Love your blog. Kudos for taking that big leap to make it happen.


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